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Women’s Addiction Treatment

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womens addiction treatment program georgia Addiction treatment programs for men and women have key things in common but offer different methods to meet the different needs and mindsets when it comes to overcoming addiction. Through its women’s addiction treatment program in Georgia, Peachtree Recovery Solutions hones in on how women tend to process emotion and trauma, as well as some common causes of addiction in women.

Reasons for a Women's Addiction Treatment Center

While the addiction and recovery process has universal qualities, gender- and population-specific programs address important differences within sub-groups. Some key factors make women’s addiction and subsequent efforts toward recovery unique:

  • Addiction in women is more often tied to trauma or abuse
  • Women often use drugs or alcohol to cope with victimization
  • Substance abuse in women more often reflects self-medicating to avoid painful emotions
  • Women tend to abuse drugs and alcohol within a relationship setting, taking their cues from a partner or spouse
  • Women grappling with addiction often have a family history of substance abuse
  • Women’s drug use more often leads to anxiety, stress, and mood disorders

Typically more relationship-oriented than men, women may be more accustomed to reaching out; as such, they tend to seek out rehab sooner than men. An effective women’s rehab program harnesses these relational strengths to help women build stronger connections between thoughts, feelings, and strategic behaviors.

Examples of Women's Rehab Programs

Many women recovering from trauma or struggling with addiction around abusive relationships draw support and comfort from processing with other women. As a whole, unlike their male counterparts, women more naturally share and commune to cope with personal challenges or trauma.

These tendencies help women overcome addiction through a wide range of therapies, some of which include:

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)–Used to combat a range of maladaptive behaviors, including obsessive-compulsive and substance abuse disorders,  ACT emphasizes that negative feelings or thoughts can be appropriate to a situation. Instead of denying their validity, clients learn to respect their feelings at any time better. This acceptance mindset frees up energy for developing result-oriented actions.
  • Anxiety treatment–In women, substance abuse often leads to anxiety disorders and exacerbates underlying tendencies toward anxiety and depression. Women’s rehab therapy addresses cause and effect and builds new skills for navigating triggers.
  • Holistic therapies–Theories around yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can be less intimidating to women, many of whom have already practiced or familiarized themselves with such skills. Developing an ability to remain present helps women work through challenging emotions and experiences.

A Women's Addiction Treatment Program in Georgia

Peachtree Recovery Solutions values how women work toward healing through our women’s addiction treatment programs in Georgia. Our therapists harness the power of relationships and self-talk to move women toward positive, sustainable recovery. How do women help other women?

  • Women tend to support one another through trauma, abusive relationships, and family concerns–Women may be more accustomed to reaching out for childcare or friendship during hard times. The ability to bring children to treatment or gather with women facing similar relationship problems helps women feel safe, valued, and supported.
  • A women-specific environment helps overcome feelings of shame–Many women feel more comfortable sharing openly about abuse or dysfunctional relationships in the presence of other women. A gender-specific setting can be crucial for overcoming addiction and trauma.
  • Survivors of assault may feel threatened in a mixed-gender setting–When coping with the effects of physical, sexual, or verbal abuse, women may feel uncomfortable processing around men. A women-only setting helps them find the courage and strength to share more authentically.

Women's Rehab Program at Peachtree Recovery Solutions

Peachtree Recovery Solutions helps channel women’s tendencies to share and process with others, focusing on relationship-building, community, and peer support. While remembering that each client is unique, our women’s addiction treatment programs recognize key ways men and women differ in terms of recovery. Ready to heal? Call Peachtree Recovery Solutions at 866.863.1129 to get started.