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Peachtree Recovery Solutions is a drug and alcohol rehab facility just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to help chemically-dependent adult men and women find the tools to recovery that will set them up for life. Utilizing evidence-based skills and practices, the staff at Peachtree Recovery Solutions understands the dire effects that addiction and dual diagnosis disorders can bring. Our vision is to guide each individual that walks through our doors through an immersive, compassionate and caring experience that will bring lasting results and change. 

We believe that when you chose to enter our rehab facilities near Atlanta, you are choosing life. As a fully-accredited rehab facility in the Atlanta area, we help individuals identify the core issues os their dual diagnosis disorders and create a life beyond their wildest dreams. 

We offer a variety of treatment programs including Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient programming that can help you achieve your goals, while you still live from home, a sober living house, and fulfill work and school obligations.

Our Mission

At Peachtree Recovery Solutions, our mission is to provide compassionate and effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to individuals in the Atlanta community. We are dedicated to helping our clients reclaim their lives and achieve lasting recovery from addiction. Our commitment begins with a comprehensive approach that combines evidence-based treatment modalities, personalized care, and a supportive environment. We believe in treating the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—recognizing that addiction is a complex condition that requires a multifaceted approach to healing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the leading drug and alcohol rehab facilities near Atlanta, recognized for our unwavering commitment to transforming lives and our contribution to the advancement of addiction treatment and dual diagnosis disorders. We aspire to create a future where addiction is understood, compassionately treated, and stigma-free.

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Our Core Values

These core values serve as the foundation of our work at Peachtree Recovery Solutions. They guide our decisions, actions, and interactions, ensuring that we consistently uphold our commitment to providing compassionate, effective, and transformative care for those affected by addiction.


We approach our work with compassion, recognizing that addiction is a complex and deeply personal struggle. We treat every individual with empathy, respect, and non-judgment, creating a safe and supportive environment for healing and growth.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct in everything we do. We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients, their families, and the community by consistently delivering on our promises and acting in their best interests.


We celebrate the unique qualities, strengths, and experiences of each individual we serve. We embrace diversity and recognize that personalized care is essential for successful recovery. We honor the individuality of our clients and tailor our treatment approaches to meet their specific needs and goals.


We are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of our work. We continuously strive for excellence in treatment, employing evidence-based practices, and maintaining a culture of continuous learning and improvement. We set high standards for ourselves and seek to exceed expectations in providing the highest quality care.


We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork. We work together, both within our facility and in partnership with other healthcare professionals and community organizations, to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. We value open communication, cooperation, and the collective wisdom that comes from diverse perspectives.


We empower individuals to take control of their lives and make positive changes. We provide the tools, knowledge, and support necessary for individuals to overcome addiction, develop resilience, and lead fulfilling lives in recovery. We believe in their inherent strength and potential for growth.

People who Trust Peachtree Recovery Solutions

Don’t trust our word, let others share their experience, strength, and hope and read our success stories.

“Peachtree Recovery Solutions is an incredible program with amazing staff. Luke, Cameron, and Gabe got me in and I cannot thank them enough for the success of my life today.”
“Peachtree Recovery Solutions provided me with the essential tools and support I needed to achieve a lasting sobriety. The highly experienced team there was incredibly helpful, understanding, and kind throughout my entire journey – this is an amazing place that truly celebrates every accomplishment along your path towards recovery! After nine months of being sober thanks to them, I couldn’t be more proud or grateful for their assistance.”
“The team here is nothing short of remarkable – they have a special knack for providing friendly, personalized support that makes any challenge easier to tackle.”
“Peachtree Recovery Solutions has helped me tremendously. The clinical team and therapists truly care about the clients and the program teaches you through groups and community every facet of life that you need to start a new life in recovery. I would recommend PRS to anyone that is struggling with any addiction. I will always have tremendous gratitude for what PRS has done for me and my family.”

Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. In the case of a medical emergency please contact 911 or visit your local emergency department.

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Did you know most major health insurance plans with out-of-network benefits can help cover most of the costs associated with our program? Click below to find out your coverage and treatment options for our mental health facilities in Atlanta.