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April 24, 2024

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When a person decides it’s time to get professional help for their addiction, they often wonder, “how long does rehab last?” For many, a 30-day rehab program provides the right amount of time to focus on how to get sober and stay that way for life. Peachtree Recovery Solutions packs a lot into our 30-day program to help people get the most out of their treatment plan. We enroll each person in a series of therapies that will specifically address their needs and teach them how to live a life without drugs or alcohol. 

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Peachtree Recovery Solutions is an industry leader in outpatient substance abuse treatment. Our team of top medical experts specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and are committed to ensuring that each patient is treated as an individual. Call us today, we’re available 24/7.

What is a 30-Day Rehab Program?

When someone begins treatment for addiction, they commonly attend a 30-day rehab program. This provides them with a solid amount of time to learn how to stay sober and deal with triggers to relapse. The term “rehab” may or may not include going to detox, which is the first step in treatment for a substance use disorder. It’s practically impossible to stop abusing drugs or alcohol without any professional support, which is why people attend rehab. With the supportive guidance of therapists and medical clinicians, the individual learns to examine causal factors for developing their addiction. They can begin resolving them while developing healthy coping skills so that returning to drinking or using drugs doesn’t become an issue.

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Is 30 Days Long Enough to Treat Addiction?

How long a person should stay in an addiction treatment program depends on a few factors. How long their addiction has been going on and the severity of it will help determine how long they should stay in treatment. Whether or not 30 days is enough also depends on the level of care used. For example, a 30-day stay in a residential program requires the person to live around the clock in a facility. This type of focused care allows a person to live without any temptations to use drugs or alcohol again for a month. A 30-day outpatient program provides sessions during the daytime while the person still lives in their own home. They do not have the isolation from daily triggers that residential provides, but a great deal of progress can still be made. In fact, an outpatient 30-day rehab program in Georgia provides the basic tenets needed to help a person learn how to live a substance-free life. 

What to Expect During a 30-Day Rehab Program

When someone first arrives at a 30-day rehab program, they will receive a thorough assessment to help determine their exact diagnosis. This will include the severity of their addiction and if they have a dual diagnosis. From there, a menu of therapies can be created that address the specific needs of the individual. Rehab includes meetings with a case manager, therapists, and other staff members. If the program is residential, the person can start meeting other residents and enjoy a peer support system. 

If detox has already been completed, the person begins attending therapy sessions and digging into what contributed to their addiction. They learn to develop healthy coping skills that allow them to begin living without using substances. Before the conclusion of treatment, an aftercare plan will be recommended. 


At Peachtree Recovery Solutions, we believe in supporting each person by improving their mental, physical, and spiritual health. This holistic approach helps people become whole again in all areas of their lives, which provides them with the best ability to avoid using substances again. We designed our 30-day rehab program in Georgia to help people understand the nature of their addiction, how it may have developed, and how to put a permanent end to it. 

We provide therapy not just for addiction but to help address co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. When necessary, we recommend a longer stay in treatment for those who need the extra time to work on themselves. Additionally, we provide access to prescription medications that help minimize withdrawal symptoms that often happen in the early days of recovery.

Does Health Insurance Cover a 30-Day Rehab Program?

Most health insurance companies understand that addiction is a serious illness and requires specialized, long-term treatment. For that reason, coverage is provided for many types of programs. Check with your company or with a facility you are interested in to find out what types of treatment are covered by your plan.

Find a 30-Day Rehab Program in Georgia

Are you ready to take back control of your life and want to know what type of addiction treatment plan will tackle your unique needs? Peachtree Recovery Solutions offers a month-long program that helps people gain a strong foothold in living a sober life. Our 30-day rehab program in Georgia provides different types of evidence-based therapies that help people make a connection between why they abuse substances and how to stop. We provide FDA-approved medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms that may occur as you make progress in our plan.

Are you ready to get into a 30-day rehab and change your life? Visit our admissions page now and talk to one of our friendly admissions counselors. 

We Work With Most Major Insurance

Did you know most major health insurance plans with out-of-network benefits can help cover most of the costs associated with our program? Click below to find out your coverage and treatment options for our rehab facilities in Atlanta.