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April 24, 2024

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At Peachtree Recovery Solutions, our rehab for women helps teach individuals to develop better relationships with themselves. Additionally, they learn healthy coping skills that make it easier to resist the temptation to relapse. Georgia addiction treatment programs for men and women have key things in common. However, there are different methods that help women when it comes to overcoming addiction.

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How Does a Rehab for Women Work?

A women’s rehab center offers treatment for women who need to overcome substance use disorders. Women’s rehab centers in Georgia can be either residential or outpatient. In both cases, men do not participate in any of the treatment or therapy sessions. Gender-specific programs came about because experts recognized that more progress can be made when genders are not mixed in a treatment program. Women have a greater tendency to feel relaxed and safe when surrounded by other women. In turn, this fosters a greater ability to open up about their emotions and experiences. From there, healing from addiction to drugs and alcohol can truly flourish.

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How Long Does Rehab for Women in Georgia Last?

How long treatment at women’s rehab centers in Georgia lasts depends on a few factors. First, a full assessment is done to understand each woman’s unique needs. Factors considered include the length and severity of the addiction and any previous experiences in treatment. From there, the type of program needed will be determined. Some people attend outpatient care for 30 days while others benefit from going for 60 days or more. The longer a person remains in treatment, the more likely they are to stay sober.

Women and Addiction

Peachtree Recovery Solutions values how women work toward healing through our women’s addiction treatment programs in Georgia. Our therapists harness the power of relationships and self-talk to move women toward positive, sustainable recovery. How do women help other women?

What Services We Provide

Many women recovering from trauma or struggling with addiction around abusive relationships draw support and comfort from processing with other women. As a whole, unlike their male counterparts, women more naturally share and commune to cope with personal challenges or trauma.
These tendencies help women overcome addiction through a wide range of therapies, some of which include:

What Happens After Treatment Has Been Completed?

Before treatment concludes, our staff will discuss aftercare with each woman. Plans will be put in place in order to help each individual hold strong in their recovery. Options include continuing with private therapy sessions and finding support groups and 12-step groups near the person’s home.
Finding resources for aftercare can make the difference between someone struggling to stay sober and thriving in their sobriety. Resources can include job training, childcare assistance, and healthy living environments. Treatment experts can also help a person develop short-term and long-term goals for their continued recovery.

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Women who need help overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol require focused help that understands their specific needs. Peachtree Recovery Solutions helps channel women’s tendencies to share and process with others and helps them focus on relationship-building, community, and peer support. Our women’s rehab centers in Georgia recognize key ways men and women differ in terms of recovery. We provide several outpatient programs that help women embrace sobriety.

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