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April 24, 2024

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At Peachtree Recovery Solutions, our rehab for men in Georgia speaks to trends, behavior, and coping styles that have come to characterize how men process thoughts and emotions. We understand how to treat men in need of addiction treatment. Because of this, at our men’s rehabs, we specialize in offering therapies specific to men working toward recovery.

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What to Expect at Our Rehab Center for Men

Rehab for men is an addiction treatment program that serves the male population only. If the program is residential, everyone living in the facility is male. For outpatient programs, each person attending sessions is male. Treatment providers understand the benefits that can come from a gender-specific program. They use their training to help men form bonds during the recovery process. This can help them open up and heal more quickly than if they were in a mixed-gender rehab.

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Men and Addiction

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that men are more likely to use most types of illicit drugs than women. Usage of these drugs also more often ends up in visits to the E.R. and overdose deaths for men than women. Illicit refers to both illegal narcotics and misuse or abuse of prescription drugs.
Men tend to use larger amounts of heroin and use it for longer periods of time than women. Men also engage in higher rates of alcohol abuse, including binge drinking. Males also use marijuana at a higher rate than women.

Importance of Men’s Rehabs in Georgia

To find a rehab program in Atlanta that meets the person’s needs, it’s important to consider any shared qualities of those attending it. These include similar experiences or processing styles that can help build camaraderie and support. Knowing each person is unique, a men’s rehab program can address certain commonalities, including the following:

  1. Men are more prone to addiction than women
  2. Men tend to abuse more than one drug at a time
  3. Addiction-related struggles kill more men than women
  4. Addicted men develop clearer cases of personality disorders than women
  5. Societal pressure to try to recover without any help plagues men more than women

The notion of healing from addiction by going it alone speaks to a key difference between how men and women may process addiction struggles. By and large, our mainstream culture expects men to be tough, self-sufficient, and capable of handling things independently. They are expected to be more stoic and less emotional. When strong feelings and struggles arise, men are less prone to reach out for help or allow themselves to be vulnerable. As such, the pressure can build. Not used to asking for input or support, a man struggling with addiction often internalizes his trauma.

Benefits of a Men's Addiction Treatment Program

Considering male-specific tendencies, an effective rehab for men should feature therapists who understand how men navigate the addiction and recovery process. These therapists understand the relational challenges that can occur and help male clients develop new ways of handling and expressing themselves.

In a men’s addiction treatment program, therapists address a myriad of issues:

  1. They help men build more trusting relationships in both clinical and personal settings. When asked to share thoughts and feelings, men may grow suspicious of therapists or others in a group therapy setting. Shying away from authenticity or being unable to relinquish control, they may appear hardened or apathetic. By learning to tolerate vulnerability and practice more honest, open communication, men develop a new level of interpersonal skills.


  2. Therapists build camaraderie versus competition. In addiction rehab, men may feel competitive or threatened by other clients. Harnessing men’s natural tendency to gather, a men’s addiction therapist works to foster camaraderie within the recovery setting. Positive support from other men going through the same process can produce strong results in men’s recovery.


  3. Therapists recognize how gender-specific environments help people to process. Research has shown that mixed-gender environments can impede progress toward recovery in terms of how each gender may react to sharing or giving feedback. Men may feel less willing to be truthful or vulnerable with women present. This can curtail key conversations and sharing that accompany the recovery process.

What to Look for When Choosing a Rehab for Men

When looking for a rehab for men, many things can be important to help a man get the most out of treatment. Programs should offer individual therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT proves helpful in teaching men how to identify their emotions and make healthy choices related to them.
It also proves important to make sure a facility understands how to provide gender-specific treatment. Those who offer treatment for men as a group will know which therapy modalities work best for this gender.
Additionally, securing aftercare can help keep a person committed to their sobriety. Rehabs for men should be able to provide information about ways to continue their care after ending formal treatment. Resources like continued therapy and support groups help cement a person’s goals to avoid relapsing.

Services for Men At Peachtree Recovery Solutions

While considering male-specific tendencies and relational styles, Peachtree Recovery Solution’s rehab for men in Georgia employs tried-and-true methodologies to help its male clientele work toward recovery. A range of addiction therapy programs are available, including but not limited to:

Begin Men’s Rehab Programs at Peachtree Recovery Solutions

At Peachtree Recovery Solutions, our men’s addiction treatment programs emphasize community, quality of relationships, and peer support. As a result, this helps men build more adaptive ways of interacting both in and out of treatment. Surrounding one’s self with like-minded people can help in any healing process. In recovery, a male-specific environment helps many men overcome addiction. 

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