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April 24, 2024

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When someone thinks about their need to get help for drug addiction, they have a lot of questions. One of the biggest ones is, “How long is drug rehab?” The person might be concerned that they will be expected to attend treatment for a lengthy amount of time or wonder if a short program provides enough effective support. Peachtree Recovery Solutions offers several types of outpatient programs to suit the specific needs of people in recovery from addiction. We tailor the length of each program to meet the unique needs of each person we treat. In this article, we explore how long drug rehab lasts in different situations.

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How Long is Drug Rehab?

The question “How long is drug rehab?” doesn’t have just one definitive answer. For one thing, “rehab” can mean just one step in treatment or a combination of several. Treatment for drug addiction begins by going to a detoxification program. Detox typically lasts from a few days to two weeks. After completing detox, some people move to a residential program. They live temporarily in a facility that provides round-the-clock care while they begin to live a drug-free life. Residential care lasts about four weeks. 

From there, or as an alternative to residential care, people continue on to an outpatient program. This option allows the person to live in their home and travel to a facility for therapy sessions during the day or evening. The two levels of outpatient care include Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (PHP). Both of these plans last from four to six weeks.

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What Determines How Long Rehab Lasts?

How long drug rehab lasts depends on several influencing factors. Key determiners are how long the person has had their addiction and the severity of it. This also will help the treatment center staff understand which level of care a person needs. As well, how a person responds to treatment and the progress they make will help determine how long they should stay in a program. In addition, someone in detox who experiences a lot of withdrawal symptoms may need to stay longer than others.

The cost of treatment and how much is covered by insurance can factor into how long a person stays in treatment. Outpatient treatment is less costly, and some people opt to attend this option for care rather than a lengthy stay in a residential program. Many treatment centers offer free insurance checks to help potential clients understand what their cost will be. Many facilities also offer private pay options.

Other things that must be considered include how long a person can take a break from their job or school, as well as their options for any necessary childcare.

The Benefits of a 30-Day Rehab Program

Spending 30 days in a rehab can give someone a solid landing place when it comes to learning to live substance-free. This type of plan often works well for someone who has already been to treatment before or who has demands in their personal lives that make shorter programs an optimal choice. An important thing to consider is following up a 30-day rehab program with aftercare and continuing things like private therapy or attending support groups.

The Benefits of a 60-Day Rehab Program

A 60-day rehab program doubles the amount of time spent in a 30-day program, which can provide tremendous benefits. The longer a person attends therapy sessions and has time to practice their sobriety skills while still in treatment, the better equipped they are to avoid relapsing.

The Benefits of a 90-Day Rehab Program

Staying in a 90-day rehab program can provide a person with the strongest ability to stay sober. Longer-term programs give people time to really invest in healing their physical and emotional health. Staying sober for three months gives a person solid ground to stand on and start testing their sobriety post-treatment. It also helps them set and be prepared to meet long-term goals or avoiding triggers. Whether a person is in residential or outpatient care, 90 days gives them a lot of time to enjoy peer support from others walking the recovery path.

How Do I Know What Type of Treatment Program I Need?

Part of answering the question, “How long is drug rehab?is knowing what kind of program a person needs. One way to help find the answer is to talk to a physician, therapist, or admissions staff member at a treatment facility to help clarify the right type of program a person needs. 

Some questions to ask yourself and discuss with treatment professionals you consult include:

  • Have I been to rehab before?
  • If I have been to rehab previously, did I leave treatment before I was ready and that’s part of why I relapsed?
  • Am I able to commit to a residential program?
  • Can I commit to multiple outpatient sessions and balance it with the responsibilities of my home life?
  • Do I have a stable, trigger-free home where I can live during treatment?
  • What sort of withdrawal symptoms might I expect during the early days of treatment?
  • Do I have insurance or other options to pay for a specific program I’m interested in?

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Are you ready to commit to recovery but want to know the answer to the question “How long is drug rehab?” Peachtree Recovery Solutions strives to keep people in treatment for the right amount of time for their specific situation. We take into account how long you’ve dealt with addiction and the severity of your situation. From there, our staff creates a plan that sets you up to discover how to maintain a sober life long after you leave our program. 

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