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Group therapy is one of the most valuable tools available in addiction treatment. It provides peer support, education, and accountability in a safe and supportive environment. Group therapy in Atlanta is an effective way to treat addiction to alcohol and drugs.

For this reason, we include it as part of our addiction treatment services. When group therapy is used to help people with substance use disorders, tremendous progress can be made in healing.

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What to Expect During Group Therapy in Atlanta

Group therapy in Atlanta is led by skilled therapists who use their training and experience to bring people together. In the case of addiction treatment, each person involved in the group is in recovery from a substance use disorder.

Group therapy can take place in an outpatient program or as part of a residential program. Both types of programs recognize that this type of therapy can be a powerful tool that facilitates sustainable recovery outcomes for its members.

Participants meet regularly with a therapist and share their experiences with addiction and recovery. These groups usually consist of members of an addiction treatment program and one or two professional therapists who guide the sessions. In these sessions, participants discuss their battles with addiction. This gives themselves and others the chance to open up about their struggles.

Groups typically meet one or two times a week for an hour or more at a time. Group therapy activities vary depending on the goals of the group. Some of the most common activities include sharing stories, discussing feelings, and providing mutual support.

When a member presents a challenge they struggle with, the group can work together brainstorming solutions.

A typical group therapy session will involve group discussion and activities that encourage patients to share their experiences and feelings with each other. This allows each person to give and receive feedback to members of the group. This can be helpful in terms of tracking the progress of each member.

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Benefits of Group Therapy in Atlanta

At Peachtree Recovery Solutions, we understand how essential group therapy can be for healing and overall recovery.

As part of group therapy in Atlanta, participants share their experiences and learn from each other. They work through the causes of their addictions together. This can provide hope, connection, and motivation vital to recovering from addiction.

For many people who struggle with addiction, a feeling of isolation can make it challenging to deal with the issues that led to addiction. Group therapy is a valuable treatment option for addiction because it provides these individuals with peer support.

It allows people to share their experiences with others who have walked a similar path. Being around those who understand what addiction feels like can inspire people to do well. Knowing they are not alone can make a tremendous difference in how they move through recovery.

Group therapy also fosters a sense of accountability. We strive to create a strong culture of community. When this happens, people know others will be aware of how they are doing. This helps people avoid the temptation to relapse. Each person in the group understands the lure of using substances.

As well, they learn how coming together can help them avoid succumbing to temptation. Checking in during therapy sessions makes many people more likely to be accountable for themselves.

Group therapy can also be done for family members and friends of those struggling with addiction. They can learn more about drug and alcohol abuse and how best to support their loved ones.

As well, families can come together with their loved ones in family therapy. This allows everyone to learn how to communicate more effectively. Past grievances can be healed, and each family member can learn how to support their loved one.

How Does Group Therapy Help with Addiction Recovery?

Group therapy is a vital part of addiction treatment. Someone addicted to drugs or alcohol operates in a secret world for a great deal of time. For example, they hide their substance abuse from others.

Once they begin group therapy for addiction, their secret is officially out. They release it in a safe, non-judgmental environment. This can help many people to become more forthright with family members and close friends. Breaking the veil of secrecy can help people with addictions make real progress.

Group therapy in addiction programs can provide a sense of community the person may lack elsewhere. Therapy sessions can help participants build relationships that will support them throughout their journey to sobriety. Many people end up developing friendships with other sober people that last after treatment ends.
A hallmark of those lost in addiction involves feeling hopeless. Group therapy in Atlanta surrounds each person with peers. In turn, they often feel more hopeful about their futures. The process of giving and receiving feedback and support elevates their ability to envision and live a life of sobriety.

Last, addiction often results in a person losing valuable social skills. Time spent alone or among other addicts can make a person unused to interacting in healthy ways with others. Group therapy can serve as an important way to become social in healthy ways again.

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At Peachtree Recovery Solutions, our group therapy takes place in the following levels of care:
As part of our program, we offer group therapy in Atlanta to assist you on your road to recovery. We provide several different types of outpatient treatment used to help people who struggle with addiction. Our caring staff of trained therapists and medical experts come together to help each person reach their full potential.

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