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man vaping delta-8

Delta-8 Withdrawal Symptoms

Contrary to what you may have heard, delta-8 is not a harmless substance. The potential dangers of using it include a risk of addiction and the possibility of experiencing delta-8 withdrawal symptoms when you try

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group therapy during a rehab program

Does Going to Rehab Go on Your Record?

Entering an addiction treatment program can put you on the path toward a much healthier and more hopeful future. But that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy decision. On common concern involves how much your

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alcohol withdrawal fatigue

What Is Alcohol Withdrawal Fatigue?

Fatigue is an extremely common, but often overlooked, effect of alcohol withdrawal. Sometimes referred to as alcohol withdrawal lethargy, this symptom can be quite disruptive, and may persist long after most other symptoms have subsided.

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signs and symptoms of valium addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Valium Addiction

Valium can be both a beneficial prescription medication and a dangerous, addictive drug. People who misuse this substance risk considerable harm, including serious medical problems, addiction, overdose, and death. When you know how to recognize

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How to Help Someone With Anorexia

Knowing how to help someone with anorexia isn’t easy. You can’t take away their pain, but you can play an important role in keeping them safe, providing emotional support, and helping them find the treatment

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Identifying a Mental Health Crisis

What is a mental health crisis? Would you know if you were having one? Could you spot the warning signs in someone else? Knowing how to identify and respond to a mental health crisis can

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