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Our red light therapy in Atlanta helps people overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. The application of low levels of light can help improve your mental health, as well as make dealing with symptoms of addiction easier to manage. Life dealing with a substance use disorder overwhelms a person in more than one way. It negatively impacts both your physical and mental health.

When you look for treatment, it’s important to find a program that understands how to use a multi-prong approach to getting sober. At Peachtree Recovery Solutions, we utilize red light therapy as part of our addiction treatment services to help with healing.

You are not alone. You deserve to get help.

Peachtree Recovery Solutions is an industry leader in outpatient substance abuse treatment. Our team of top medical experts specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and are committed to ensuring that each patient is treated as an individual. Call us today, we’re available 24/7.

What is Red Light Therapy and How Does It Work?

Red light therapy, also known as RLT, began as a treatment for the skin. It helps by reducing and eliminating imperfections like wrinkles and age spots as part of an anti-aging treatment.

However, in recent years it has been found to have other benefits. Red light therapy can also help people who are in the process of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Along with that, this therapy helps improve a person’s mental health. When this happens, it can positively impact the individual’s ability to stay focused on their sobriety and avoid triggers.

The use of red light therapy is unlike other colors of light. The wavelength of red light penetrates the skin more deeply, allowing for restorative powers to happen. UV rays are not used during this type of therapy, which means a person’s skin cannot be burned during the procedure. No medications are required during the therapeutic process.

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What Does Red Light Therapy Do?

Red light therapy is a form of low-level laser therapy or photobiomodulation. Focused doses of red light enter the skin and are absorbed by the mitochondria found in skin cells. This process creates several benefits.

Many people initially seek this type of therapy to help reduce the signs of aging. It does this by increasing the collagen and elasticity of the skin, making it appear rejuvenated and more youthful. Additionally, it can prove useful for people who have skin conditions such as rashes, acne, cuts, and burns.

Red light therapy in Atlanta also provides other positive outcomes. It promotes energy production in skin cells. Some athletes use this therapy to help reduce pain and improve recovery from injuries. Many therapists now recommend the use of RLT as part of an overall treatment plan for mental health disorders. People who experience disorders such as anxiety and depression report an improvement in their symptoms due to the use of red light therapy.

Can Red Light Therapy Help with Addiction Recovery?

While red light therapy has been shown to help people improve skin conditions and some symptoms of mental illness, it has another benefit. Red light therapy takes advantage of the connection between this type of therapy and recovery from substance use disorders.

The first stages of moving past an addiction require going through a detoxification process. RLT promotes detoxification that needs to happen in the skin, as well as the blood and lymphatic system. Releasing toxins built up during addiction helps improve the person’s physical and mental health.

Red light therapy also promotes increased energy levels and better sleep patterns. This powerful combination helps people who are dealing with living a newly sober life. People who have healthy energy levels and sleep patterns typically find it easier to avoid triggers that tempt them to use drugs or alcohol again.
About half of those who have a substance use disorder also have at least one mental health disorder. As a result, any benefits to a person’s mental health have a direct impact on their ability to recover from addiction. The reverse is also true.

What to Expect During a Red Light Therapy Session in Atlanta

Red light therapy in Atlanta is administered by professionals trained in this field. The clinician uses photons to expose the person’s body to doses of red light using a lamp, laser, or other devices. In many cases, RLT is administered while a person lies in a red light bed or pod. It’s important to understand this is not the same process as using a tanning bed. Tanning beds and booths expose the body to potentially damaging UV rays, while red light therapy is much safer.
An initial assessment of each person will help determine how many sessions are needed. Things taken into consideration include the person’s physical and mental health, their history with addiction, and the treatment goals they have in mind during drug and alcohol rehab. A general rule of thumb sets sessions at two or more times per week for several minutes each session.

Other Services offered at Peachtree Recovery Solutions

Peachtree Recovery Solutions offers a wealth of types of therapy and programs designed to help anyone interested in living a sober life including Partial Hospitalization Programming and Intensive Outpatient Programming. Our outpatient treatment plans allow people to receive focused care during the daytime while still living in their homes or in a sober living environment.
Our programs include the option for several types of therapy proven to help people in recovery from substance use disorders. This includes individual therapy such as cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy. Other therapy modalities implemented include family, group, adventure, holistic, experiential, and recreational therapies.

Find Out About Red Light Therapy in Atlanta

An effective treatment program for addiction to drugs or alcohol will feature several different types of therapy. This includes modern approaches like Peachtree Recovery Solution’s red light therapy in Atlanta.

This safe, non-invasive procedure can give you an added way to overcome a substance use disorder. Our staff is trained to provide red light therapy as part of our different outpatient programs. When combined with other therapy modalities, it can help you move past a life focused on substance abuse.

If you want more information about our program, visit our admissions page now. Our staff will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you get started feeling healthier.

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