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How to Prepare for Outpatient Treatment

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Many who’ve completed an inpatient program are now wondering how to prepare for an outpatient program, hoping to keep their recovery on track. Others facing addiction may be curious whether an outpatient addiction treatment program can meet their needs and goals for recovery.

Outpatient addiction treatment can be a powerful way to work toward recovery. A key merit of an outpatient rehab center involves balancing life and therapy – clients can stay involved with jobs, relationships, and family commitments while seeking effective addiction treatment. While navigating their outside lives, clients enjoy access to trained providers, substance abuse disorder education, and group therapy settings that support continued efforts to achieve long-lasting sobriety.

What to expect from an outpatient rehab center? And how to prepare for outpatient addiction treatment? Peachtree Recovery Solutions offers tips and input to maximize your outpatient experience toward a fuller, more sustainable recovery.

Things to Remember About Outpatient Addiction Treatment

In most cases, the road to addiction was long and unpaved. That first drink or drug experimentation didn’t immediately lead to full-blown addiction. Developing those destructive habits likely took time; similarly, recovering from drug or alcohol addiction will also take time.

  • Be patient – Recovery isn’t linear, and overcoming feelings or circumstances that trigger that impulse to use is a big ask. Because you’re rising to the challenge–and asking this of yourself–remember to support yourself through the ups and downs of the process.
  • Accept that underlying factors lead to addiction – When preparing for an outpatient program, remember that underlying mental disorders or co-occurring conditions will also be addressed. Addiction isn’t a simple disease, and the causes are almost always multifaceted.
  • Maximize the cost-effective access to resources – From speakers to workshops to sessions with trained medical and mental health clinicians, outpatient addiction treatment offers many of the benefits of full-time therapy and costs less. Be sure to take advantage of all available resources!
  • Prepare to apply new skills outside of therapy – Another strength of outpatient addiction rehab is the real-time opportunity to work through issues. Clients can practice skills learned in therapy more in-the-moment, as they return daily to their outside lives. There’s that opportunity to see what works and what needs fine-tuning. From socialization skills to anger management, outpatient addiction treatment can accelerate one’s progress toward recovery.
  • Remain committed to the process – Recovery isn’t easy, and while there are moments of levity, therapy is not always fun. While there’s that strong desire to be done with it, know that longevity in addiction treatment furthers the odds of real, sustainable sobriety.

Preparing for Outpatient Addiction Treatment

With flexible scheduling, clients can work and socialize on their terms and timetables. However, it’s important to carve out the time for the work outpatient addiction treatment demands. Committing to your efforts, sessions, and therapy is key to getting the most from your treatment. Making a recovery a priority means prioritizing a happier, healthier you.

Reaching out to peers in recovery is another important part of outpatient addiction treatment. The friends and relationships cultivated in treatment can be some of your most supportive. Be there for others. Let them be there for you.

With your therapist(s), establish guidelines and specifics you’d like to work on. Because each person is unique, your individual needs will differ from another’s. To maximize your hard work and time spent in a clinical setting, it’s important to communicate honestly and honestly. Ask questions; absorb answers, process pitfalls, and celebrate progress.

Outpatient Rehab Centers at Peachtree Recovery Solutions

Searching for Georgia’s outpatient rehab centers will lead you to Peachtree Recovery Solutions. With a team of compassionate and experienced therapists dedicated to outpatient services, we fully support your journey to recovery. Building quality relationships, fostering peer feedback, and committing to the process are ways we excel at what we do. Contact Peachtree Recovery Solutions at (678) 325-7250 to learn more.