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April 24, 2024

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Substance use disorders have become increasingly common in the United States. With alcohol use on the rise and the opioid epidemic claiming lives, it has become more important than ever for those affected to attend drug rehab Roswell, GA. Peachtree Recovery Solutions offers several types of addiction treatment services that can help you or your loved one become sober. Our staff partners with each person to empower them to give up addiction and reclaim their lives.

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About Roswell, GA

Roswell is a city in northern Georgia, about 30 minutes north of Atlanta. Roswell King founded the city in 1839 and is named after him. The city is home to several historical sites, as well as plenty of options for entertainment and outdoor adventures. It has been listed among the best places to live in the Atlanta metropolitan area and has been named one of the safest U.S. cities to live in.
However, Roswell is not safe from the perils of addiction. In fact, in recent years, addiction rates in Roswell have been on the rise. Heroin-related deaths have risen by an astonishing 3844% in recent years in Atlanta area suburbs, including Fulton County, where Roswell is located. For this and other reasons, many people in the area seek effective help from a drug rehab Roswell, GA.

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Why Attend Drug Rehab in Roswell, GA?

A resident in the Roswell area who needs help overcoming drug and alcohol addiction typically will look for help near them. For them, the best choice often consists of finding the right drug rehab center in Roswell, GA. This way, the person can live in their own home and attend outpatient care during the day.

They still have access to crucial support from their family and friends while they work on their recovery. Those able to do so can also continue to work or attend college while getting healthy.

For others, leaving their area can make the most sense. Often their home lives are stressful and they are exposed to negative influences and triggering situations. Getting away from that for a period of time while they learn to become comfortable living a sober life can be the right choice. The Roswell area offers plenty of things to do during the person’s downtime and can provide a refreshing change of scenery.

How Our Drug Rehab Center Near Roswell Works

We do not subscribe to the idea of cookie-cutter treatment for drug addiction. As a result, each person who arrives at our facility receives a specialized assessment. This allows us to understand their history with addiction, their physical and mental health, and any prior experience with treatment. From there, we design a program specific to what they need in order to begin healing.

We treat a diverse population of people with substance use disorders. Our clients include college students, rehab for women, rehab for men, older people, and all races, genders, and economic backgrounds. No matter what a person’s story is, we know how to meet them where they are and show them the way out of addiction.

Benefits of Drug Rehab in Roswell

Perhaps our biggest benefit lies in our experienced, friendly staff of addiction experts. Each person involved in treating people feels compassion for those who need help and understands how to communicate with them effectively.

Our staff creates partnerships with people in order to teach them how to heal themselves. We stick by their side while we treat them and include an aftercare program in order to make sure everyone knows how to stay sober for life.

Another benefit of our drug rehab center in Roswell, GA, involves access we provide to medications. Withdrawal symptoms that come with getting off drugs and alcohol can be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

Our medical staff diagnoses any need for FDA-approved medications and provides them for those who need that extra help. These prescription medications can ease or even eliminate many physical symptoms as well as emotional ones, such as depression and anxiety.

Services Offered at our Rehab Near Roswell, GA

Addiction impacts each person in a different way, so addiction treatment must be tailored to the individual in order to be effective. That’s why our drug rehab in Roswell, GA, offers a variety of addiction treatment services to meet the level of care each person needs. Services offered at our rehab include:
  1. Partial hospitalization program – This program is designed for those who need more intensive treatment than regular outpatient care can provide but who do not require 24-hour medical supervision.
  2. Intensive outpatient program – This program is our median treatment option. It offers more structure than our outpatient program but more flexibility than our PHP.
  3. Outpatient program – This program is our lowest level of care. It is designed for those who have completed more intensive treatment programs and are ready to transition back into their day-to-day lives.
  4. Addiction therapy services – We offer a variety of addiction therapy services, including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.
  5. Dual diagnosis treatment – We offer treatment for those who are struggling with both addiction and mental illness. Concurrent treatment options tend to be more effective than treatment for just one of the conditions.

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What kind of program a person attends when they want to overcome drug and alcohol abuse makes a huge difference. Peachtree Recovery Solutions created a highly effective program for drug rehab Roswell, GA.

Each of our outpatient programs enables people to understand how addiction has impacted their lives and how to move past this deadly disease. We make going to rehab as comfortable as possible while setting each person up for a lifetime of living a healthy, sober life.

If you would like to know more about our treatment plans, contact us now. We make sobriety a reality for people every day.

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